Adjudicator 2020 – TBA


Music Directors: TBA

Various sections for solo, duet and group competition from school sections to open.

Restricted Scholarships
Majella Wines and Backstage Incorporated Scholarships are restricted to entrants living in telephone zones commencing with 0887 or 0355 Competitors entering the Scholarship must compete in two or more other sections. (Novice section not eligible).

Majella Wines Classical Scholarship

12 years and Under 19 $500

Backstage Incorporated Scholarship

Piano Solo Under 16 years $50
Wind Solo Under 16 years $50
Guitar Solo Under 16 years $50
Brass Under 16 Years $50
Strings Solo Under 16 years $50
Woodwind Solo Under 16 years $50
Percussion Solo Under 16 years $50


Music Categories (pdf)



Please enter through Stardom.