Volunteers Needed

The eisteddfod is a non profit event run entirely by volunteers. If you don’t want to commit to a committee you can always give your time to a session or two during the competition. Sessions usually run three – four hours but if you don’t have enough time for that help is always appreciated in the canteen during breaks which only last an hour.


Positions are available for sitting and standing jobs in all the divisions of the eisteddfod except debating. *


Free tea, coffee or water is provided for volunteers (though only water can be taken into the theatre and backstage area) and for those volunteering for two consecutive shifts receive a free meal out of a large selection of food available at the canteen (speak to canteen staff about what is available for volunteers).


To offer your assistance please contact the director of the division you would like to help with or the secretary – details found on the division page or the contact us area.


*Volunteers over 14 years of age wishing to work in the backstage area must have a DHS screening check as in keeping with the Child Protection Act – see DHS Website