Calisthenics Victoria Inc.

An Australian artistic sport, combining gymnastics, marching, singing, simplified ballet, folk and modern dance. It combines the best aspects of sport and art.


The Mount Gambier Eisteddfod is now up and running with the Stardom programme for online entry. The benefits of this system are that your entry cannot go missing, you can check that you are entered and change that entry before the closing date. It means less work for volunteers which helps to ensure that the Eisteddfod will continue as the workload has been threatening its survival due to our skeleton staff.

Association of Eisteddfod Societies of Australia

The Association of Eisteddfod Societies Australia (AESA) has a membership made up of Eisteddfodau and Festivals of competition from all over Australia. The purpose of AESA is to provide a vehicle for the sharing of ideas and to assist all member Societies in all legal obligations in the running of their Eisteddfod.

Offering 10% Discount to Eisteddfod Competitors and their families. Speak to Nathan at 8725 1899.