Choral and Vocal Division


DATES : 27th – 30th July


Choral and Vocal Director:  Natalia Chalinor Р or or 0417 869 109

Choral competition is modern and traditional work for large and small choirs, including special sections for school choirs. There are cash awards for large choirs.

Vocal competition for the young to the young at heart, ranging from classical, folk, country and modern sections and some sections for those wanting to try out their microphone techniques.

Restricted Scholarship
Majella Wines, Lakes Rotary Blue Lake Fun Run and Backstage Incorporated Scholarships are restricted to entrants living in telephone zones commencing with 0887 or 0355 Competitors entering the Scholarship must compete in two or more other sections. (Novice section not eligible).

Lakes Rotary Blue Lake Fun Run Scholarship

under 18 years $100



Audience Entry Fees $6.00 Adult &  Under 15 years $3.00

C & V Schedule.pdf

Choral & Vocal Rules and Guidelines (pdf)


Canteen available:


Please enter through Stardom.