Calisthenics Division

DATES (approximately, dependent on entries): 19th – 23rd JULY



Calisthenics Director: Michelle Nicholls – or 0407 712 480

Calisthenics combines fitness, teamwork, poise, flexibility and graceful movement. Teams compete in various types of performances such as Clubs, Rods, Free Exercise, Aesthetics, Song & Dance, Dance Arrangement and Calisthenics Revue.

Scholarships –

Sub Junior Backstage Incorporated Solo Scholarship – $150
Junior Kongorong Calisthenics Club Solo Scholarship –  $150
Intermediate Tonique Studio Solo Scholarship –  $150
Senior Mt Gambier Calisthenics College Solo Scholarship –  $150

Scholarships are open to competitors within a 250 kilometre radius of Mount Gambier and cash prizes are paid to the Scholarship Winner’s Club/College towards term fees, either the current year, term 3 or 4 or the following year.

If a competitor has won any of the scholarships the previous year they are ineligible to enter for the scholarship prize the following year but are able to participate in workshops for crit only.

2022 Calisthenics Running Sheet – Mount Gambier

ACF Rules Memo 2021

2022 Team Rules

2022 Solo Rules

Canteen available:


Please enter through Stardom.