About Us

In 1978 a group of Mount Gambier people of various ages and backgrounds gathered to form an organisation, the common factor being their interest in promoting the performing arts in the South East region.

It had been noted that sporting clubs were very efficient at running workshops with renowned athletes to assist their younger members. However, these opportunities were not available to young students of the arts.

A number of groups had been formed because people wanted to perform on stage. Others were coerced into being stagehands and set builders. With years of experience as backstage parents many of the initial members had accumulated an array of skills in theatre production and a love of the work involved.

Thus Backstage was formed as a theatre support group, which would build sets, operate sound and lighting, stage manage, run workshops, provide scholarships and assist the performing arts in any way necessary, with emphasis on youth.

Backstage Incorporated is self-governing and all members work in a voluntary capacity. In 1982 the group undertook to produce the Mount Gambier Eisteddfod to encourage our young talent to enter in friendly competition to foster and improve fellowship, to appreciate the performances of others, and to benefit from public performance and the constructive criticism of an adjudicator.

The City of Mount Gambier Council contribute in many ways and we have the support of many of our public figures, business houses, service clubs and community members.